Glimpses of Grace

ImageOne of the most gospel-centered books I have read on the home. If you’ve ever wondered what the gospel has to do with the mundane such as dish washing, floor mopping, bill paying, friend making, guest housing, and dinner cooking than this is the perfect book.  Every stay at home and working mom ought to devour this book and every working dad ought to read it for understanding. One of my favorite quotes I had to share:

We’re not so different from the diligent painters.  We work so hard to build an image in our home that we often neglect the inner workings that define and shape the home.  And when things are not functioning well inside our home, the issues seep out into the open where everyone can see.  When this happens, our instinct is to patch up the cracks and paint over the stains to the neglect of fixing the inside.  But the gospel leads us into the truth and enables us to dare to uncover what lies beneath the beautifully manicured surface of our lives.

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