Blue Like Jazz and Why Donald Missed it

donald millerThe first time I read Blue Like Jazz in college, I was hooked.  Finally, an author that resonated with me and said things I had always wanted to say, but could never articulate.  I found the book to be brilliant in many ways, although I didn’t agree with everything.   Unfortunately, as I’ve followed Donald Miller over the past ten years I’ve watched him become increasingly disenfranchised with the church.  Until recently I had no idea how much he had moved in that direction.  Reading his latest blog post about how rarely if ever he attends church greatly disturbs me especially because of his large following.  To me, saying I’m a believer, but don’t go to church is like saying your married, but don’t have a wife.  Recently, Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks penned an open letter to Donald’s post and I have to recommend it because it’s so good and right on.  Miller’s view of community is more like 19th century romanticism rather than biblical accountability in a church.  God bless Donald Miller and God bless Leeman as he engages Miller.  I’m hoping for a kind and cordial dialogue between both.

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