Getting from, “Can I have a lemon in my sweet tea?” to “Let me tell you about my Savior.”

Last week I stawaiterrted a three week course on Wednesday nights at my church on evangelism.  Inevitably, the question comes up on how to make the transition from ordinary moments in our day-to-day to sharing the gospel to those whom God brings in our path.  Below, are a few tips that I’ve learned from others and from my own personal experience.

  1. Be prayerful.  This is first and foremost.  I’m convinced that most people don’t seize opportunities to share their faith, because they are not looking for them.  How many days go by and people do we pass and we never even give a second thought to their eternal destiny?
  2. Do you have a church home?  Even in the belt buckle of the bible belt, the answer to this question is usually no.  I know it’s a little direct, but it’s a quick and easy way to transition to the why not question.  Getting to the why will reveal many of their hurts and allow you to deal with their doubts.
  3. What do you believe about God?  Too often I find people trying to correct doctrinal errors with people.  The truth is, most people have variant views of God that differ from the Bible.  This is a time to just sit, listen, and learn.  Understanding where they are, will give you a better idea on where to go.
  4. Tell me what is good about your life right now?  Most people love to talk, especially about themselves.  This is a great question just to get them going.  If things are really good, it’s a great bridge to transition to the author behind those good things.
  5. Tell about some of your struggles?  Hurting people are desperately searching for someone to listen.  You’d be surprised how quickly people are willing to share, especially if they know you genuinely are concerned about their well being.

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